Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring To-Do List

TMS has a ton of tires - racks and racks of them with more in back.
And outstanding prices - be sure to check us before you buy.
Plus you get a discount on mounting if you buy the tires here.
Spring means warmer weather, which means more riding time. Is your equipment ready? 

Tires checked for wear and air pressure?

Battery all charged up and ready to go?

Your chain is what makes the bike go forward,
so it needs the proper care and maintenance.
We check it for tension and sprocket alignment,
not something easily done at home.
Chain lubed and adjusted?

Oil and filter changed?

No? Don't have the time or know-how, or just don't wanna bother? 

Call the Service Dept at TMS 209-832-3400 and make an appointment for your Pre-Season Service. We'll perform all of the above and more to ensure that your bike/quad/ PWC/boat is in top-notch condition so you can have the most fun possible this spring and summer. 
The proper oil is crucial to engine life and performance.
Petroleum? Synthetic? Semi-syn?
What weight? How many quarts? Which filter?
We know all that stuff, so bring your vehicles to TMS.

The Service Dept gets busy once the weather gets warm, like it's been doing lately, so get that appointment made soon. Nothing worse than waiting around for an oil change or tire swap while everyone else is out riding!

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