Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WORCS 2013 Round 2 Recap

WORCS kicked off their first "Super Event" in Primm, Nevada this month for round 2. The super events consist of dirt bike, quad, and side by side racing all in the same weekend. WORCS will bring in everything from bands, all the way to freestyle shows.

Heading into the weekend, the winter chill caused it to snow. Fortunately the snow melted away by Saturday morning. As the sun began to appear over the horizon, the beautiful scenery of snowy mountaintops surrounded the track. Before the SxS parade lap, the SxS's lined up for a picture with a US Air Force fly-by in the background. There was an incredible turnout of 64 SxS entries.

As the day began to wind down on Saturday, the Pro SxS class lined up for the last race of the day. The SxS Pro class is a new edition for 2013. Like the Pro ATV and MC classes, there is a Pro Purse for the winner.

 Beau Baron taking the holeshot

Beau Baron took the holeshot in his Polaris RZR. Racing on this punishing track, Beau Baron broke a sway bar on his second lap. As the time went on, he knew he had to step on it or he could be beat on adjusted time. After the race, Baron commented on the grueling race. He stated, “I had to back it down so I wouldn't break my RZR, but a few laps from the end everyone was pointing at their wrists letting me know that someone could beat me on time adjustment. As soon as I knew that, I pinned it. The second to last lap, I went pretty fast and the last lap I gave it everything I had.” Beau Baron took the win with reigning SxS champion Ryan Piplic and Josh Frederick rounding out the podium.

As Sunday morning came along, racers were getting ready for the Pro MC, Pro 2 MC, and the Pro 2 MC Lights race. The Pro and Pro 2 class were combined for the start. Pro 2’s Precision Concept’s Tyler Renshaw grabbed the holeshot. Bell took charge and moved into first early in the race. He extended his lead and secured his first WORCS Pro class win. He then became the points leader with a 47 point gap. On the eleventh lap, Justin Jones made the pass on Ryan Abbatoye to take over the final podium position for the Pro class.

On Sunday afternoon, the Pro and Pro-Am ATV Riders began lining up on the starting line for the last race of the weekend. Being the last race of the weekend, the track would be a physical and demanding.

Dustin Nelson jumped off the line and grabbed the holeshot with his team mate Josh Row behind him. Nelson led for the first three laps then he caught his foot on his peg and twisted his knee. Nelson dropped back in the pack.

David Haagsma then took over the lead with Row behind him. Josh Frederick and Beau Baron took turns passing each other. They both passed Josh Row later on in the race as David Haagsma dropped back due to fatigue.

Beau Baron finished the race in first with Josh Frederick and Josh Row rounding out the podium. Beau Baron had a great weekend winning both the Pro SxS and Pro ATV races.

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