Thursday, January 28, 2016

all matchy matchy in the Parts dept

For the first time ever - light bulb moment! no clue why we never thought of it before - we have the off road helmets next to the dirt gear clothing style they go with! Looks very cool and gives you a great feel for how all the pieces fit together as a complete outfit.

These are all kid's gear except the last one, but we have lots of adult clothing too, so come on in and treat yourself to a new set of apparel. You know you want to.

Green and black gear on a green and black bike.
Yes, please.
Or live it up a little and get the helmet
with the crazy graphics!

Pink and black gear with a pink quad.
Pretty darn cute.
Or go with the pink & purple helmet option
for a little more pizzaz.

Great new color combo this year - aqua, purple and black -
and the helmet mimics the clothing graphics perfectly.
This is a really sharp outfit!
Not too flashy, just different enough to be exceptional.
Black, neon yellow, and pink look pretty hot.
The black keeps the pink from being girly,
making this work for boy or girl.
Love the colorful pop.
And for those of you who don't want to stand out
in the crowd too much,
but don't wanna feel like a total wallflower,
there's gray with neon yellow. 

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