Saturday, November 9, 2013

behind the scenes in Parts

Tracy Motorsports is a large facility. It started life as a Mitsubishi car dealership but apparently the guy was a crook and the Feds took him away in handcuffs in December of 2005. We bought the building the next year, did some modifications to the floor plan, then opened the doors on March 6th, 2007. 

We have a lot of stuff in our two Parts Dept rooms. Amy usually has one of them stocked with mostly street gear and the other with mostly off road gear, and then in the back of the second room are the tires, ramps and chemicals. 

But what you don't see is the large storage area behind the Parts rooms, what we call "back in the back". Not a real glamorous term but descriptive enough. 

These pictures were all taken back there. It's where we keep all the mdse that won't fit on the shelves. 

If we kept in stock only the items you see in the two Parts rooms, we'd run out of things all the time, but with the big back room, we can have lots of overstock. 

Rack after rack of tires. Several shelf units of chemicals. A few shelves of batteries, a couple of tubes. Stacks of helmets and utility jugs. Racks of bins filled with small OE parts and drawers of filters, plugs and washers.

So next time you ask Amy for a battery and she runs off for a minute or two, you'll know where she went!

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