Saturday, June 8, 2013

customer profile - Mike Silva

Mike and his extended family were in recently to purchase two Polaris side-by-sides - also known as UTVs or utility vehicles.
Mike and his sister started riding dirt bikes as kids, racing around from one friend's house to another. Eventually they switched over to quads and then added side-by-sides. They also played around on personal watercraft for many years.
He's purchased a lot of units from TMS over the years, the latest being a Polaris RZR Jagged X for himself and a RZR XP 900 for his sister in the middle of May. At home in the garage are a Yamaha  Raptor 700, a Raptor 660, a Banshee 350, and a CRF450. Jerry is his salesman and they go way back to when Mike bought his first PWC from Jerry back in 1998.
Mike's favorite places to ride are Pismo Beach, and in Nevada at Walker River because both places are quad and kid friendly. The lack of rules in Nevada is a real plus in his opinion, allowing him to use both red and green sticker units year round.
Mike and his family love off road riding because it's something all ages can enjoy, it's outdoors in the fresh air, and once you make the initial purchases, it's pretty economical to take off for a weekend of riding. Mike's a Tracy Motorsports fan because the employees are a friendly bunch and he gets decent deals on units and parts.

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