Friday, February 1, 2013

u r here

A lady called a bit ago and said she needed to know exactly where we were so she could come pick up some parts. 

I gave her directions, but it got me to wondering exactly where we are, so I looked up the GPS coordinates of Tracy Motorsports. The image below is from Google maps and shows the numeric latitude and longitude of our exact location. 

37.760783, -121.464275
+37° 45' 38.82", 
-121° 27' 51.39"

I thought that was kinda cool, so if you want to know exactly where you are, do the following - 
Google has made it easier to get coordinates from Google Maps. In Google Maps, simply right-click on your selected spot on the map, to call up a menu. Select "What's here" from the menu, and a green arrow will appear on the map on your spot. Click on the green arrow to see the numeric latitude and longitude for the location. You may easily copy and paste these coordinates.

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