Friday, December 14, 2012

zombie apocalypse must-have

You know it's coming, right? The zombie apocalypse?

One of the things you can do to be prepared is get a Honda portable generator. A generator can run a couple hair dryers, a fancy coffee maker, and a heater. That means the entire family can stay warm, look good, and enjoy a hot beverage while zombies run the streets. Or not.

Honda generators can be financed on a revolving account, or you can trade in a bike or quad toward one, or you can just come in and pay cash. No matter how you buy it, Honda portable generators are really handy for camping, going to the desert or dunes, out in the back 40, on the job site, or just in the garage.
Today's generators are super quiet and the inverter types are stable enough to safely power a computer.

So whether or not you think things are
gonna get crazy on 12-21-12, a Honda generator is a piece of equipment worth having.

We've got them in four sizes and five styles - stop in and see them soon.

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