Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the Kawasaki MX track

Did you know there used to be as racetrack in Tracy Motorsports? No? Well, there was. If you're a long-time customer, you might remember it. We built it for a Kawasaki display contest back in April 2007.

We hauled a truckload of dirt into the room that now houses the first half of the Parts Dept, and built a little Kawasaki MX track, complete with berms, hay bales, bikes, and racers.

It was a really snug fit getting the truck thru the opening into Parts, but we tucked the mirrors in and squeaked thru with a couple inches to spare on each side.

We put down a layer of plastic to help contain the dirt, then shoveled and smoothed and built our track. Customers loved it and every now and then we'd find some little kid tromping around in there, trying to climb on the bikes and getting dirt all over the place.

We won 2nd place in the contest - yay us! - and the prize was the green Kawasaki door mat that we're still using just inside the front doors.

We've done a few other displays over the years but none were as fun or unique as the Kawasaki MX Track.

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